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    Insanity – doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.

    What are you doing differently today on your path of recovery?


    For me, I’m trying to stay focused on continually bringing myself back to the here and now, just for today, and taking responsibility for things I can do today instead of constantly projecting into the future about how things are going to be and not doing much of anything to change anything.

    Today I went to a meeting and shared honestly. Today I read about recovery and stopped often to consider what I was reading. Today I picked up trash along a highway for an hour and didn’t get consumed with anything else except being in the moment and picking up the trash (bonus, I found a $1 bill! and the good alcoholic that I am kept looking for a $20, lol) Today I sat quietly and meditated for 1/2 an hour, accepting and inviting whatever came up as a blessing/an opportunity to feel, whether good or bad. Today I listened to others’ stories and didn’t roll my eyes or think ‘these people are crazy’. Today, I’m learning to rejoice when I catch myself wanting alcohol, feel it for what it is -a temporary feeling, and simply choose not to react.

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