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    after my mixed blood test results

    i have joined a gym

    a month went by and i never had the nerve to go

    but yesterday i braved it

    i spent a short time on the bike and missed the weights

    my 20 year old daughter was with me and to be honest it was her keeping on at me that made me go

    i got through the bike ride ok

    then hit the jaquzzi and steam room

    i looked in the mirror in the changing room and i looked just like dr ziodberg off of futurama DOH

    has any one got any do’s and dont’s for a 250 pound 18 and a half stone 118 kilo’s unfit guy that has been told to work out but take it easy by his doctor ..oh and this guy is nearly 50 :react

    YouTube – Zoidberg: Ink pouch

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