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    I’m about 40 days sober now, and been doing real good. Haven’t had many urges at all, maybe a thought here and there but just passing thoughts at the most. But the past week I’ve had at least 2 maybe even 3 (can’t remember how man for sure) but a couple dreams about drinking. Dreams so vivid that I wake up and actually think I have drank till about 30 seconds-1min after I wake up and realize it was just a dream.

    I’ve searched the site and found topics on this, as well as “googled” it and found topics about this under Dr.Drew penski where he talks about these dreams and how it’s just your mind of a recovering addict wanting to drink and playing tricks on you. So I know I’m not any different than anyone else. But…can anyone else just reassure me that this is normal just for my own piece of mind? this is normal right, even after this long??


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