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    I had an ugly split-up with my fiance 9 months ago, she called off the wedding 3 weeks before the wedding date….crushed me. We tried to work things out, but a month or so later she called us off completely.

    Fast forward 8 months….because of the split I basically had been drinking the pain away every day. Recently I sobered up, and now I miss her more than ever, she has moved on and with someone else. I know I need to do the same, but because I masked the pain for so long….I now am dealing with the pain.

    I even know in my heart she was not the right one for me, she had an ugly side that really showed up near the end of the relationship.

    Anyone else ever masked relationship pain with the booze, and later had to deal with it much later?

    I want to friggin move on!!!!!!!!!!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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