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    Mutual friends have told me he has turned into a junkie, doesn’t have a steady job and met a girl in rehab to do drugs with once they got out. One of our mutual friends have seen him once with burns around his mouth 1 evening. A month ago, I’ve seen him with a small red sore on his forehead along with dark circles under his eyes. Not sure what drugs he is doing now, I know dope is one of them. Along with that he’s an alcoholic. From what I’ve heard he has stolen a lot of money from his ex and some from family members. None from me b/c I know what addicts do and don’t carry any around him except in my pocket.

    My friend who is battling the drug addiction tells me he has been clean and tells me part of his rehab program is that he can’t get involved in a relationship for awhile. Our mutual friends don’t really have contact with him anymore as far as I know. He contacts me several times a month wanting to see me so I do it out of loyalty that I’ve known him for a few years. We did end the friendship for awhile and since we got back together, he’s been very sweet and caring though sort of reserved about his life.

    I have set boundaries and so far he has been respecting them although he can get a little annoying bugging me to give him money and test me. All I give him is friendship, someone to talk to.

    Is there really any way to try to get him to tell the truth about his drug addiction. Maybe he doesn’t want to tell because he f’d up his life so much and use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate and doesn’t want to admit the truth. I just pray he never loses custody of his kids b/c I know that would push him over the edge. I have a friend who doesn’t see him living much longer b/c of his drug usage. I don’t know why she says that. He is a young guy.

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