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    Well, I got a DUI 3 months ago, and i feel like it’s already ruining my life. I never thought i had a drinking problem, but now I see I did. I didn’t drink too often, but when i did, i did it irresponsibly. I have decided to never drink again. I don’t need it, and it just brought problems into my life.

    The thing i’m worried about is jobs and having a criminal history. I am looking for a job, but i am terrified. I am in the healthcare field working as a caregiver for the last 5 years.. I have called many places already and they all require me to have a clean background. It just seems like no one other than walmart will give me a chance again. I want to pursue a career in nursing.. wanting to go to LVN school, but i’m just so disappointed.

    I would love to hear some stories if anyone has any, about the impact a dui has on looking for a job. I am so depressed over this.

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