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    First of all, I realize and have encouraged my family member to seek medical attention. I realize that no-one can give medical advice about her situation. But please those of you, anyone? Do any of the symptoms sound like the early stages of alcholism- Id be very greatful for ANY feedback from individuals of what it was like during their early stage of alcholism–please-
    A loved one told me (50 yrs old female) that she was experiencing some concerning symptoms over the past 3 days.
    -For two nights when trying to sleep she woke-up with fever and chills.
    -Also, she said that she her mouth is extremely dry.
    -She has a loss of appetitie but hunger pains in her stomach.
    -She is always hyper but for the past few days has felt so weak that she laid in bed until time to go to work.
    -She feels like her energy has been zapped and it is all she can do to go work.
    -Also, she said both of her sides are hurting.

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