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    Quick background: My husband is 55 and started drinking over a decade ago..and it became really heavy the past two years. He had no intention of stopping his drinking but got really sick and slipped into withdrawals.

    He was admitted to the hospital about two weeks ago with severe alcohol withdrawals. He was then transfered to an in-patient rehab center…which makes it about day six as I write this. I have to say that I am baffled at how happy my husband is now after only one week in rehab. He almost seems elated. He started behaving that way about day three. I talk to him on the phone once daily and, as I said, see him each evening for one hour. He is very motivated about life now and truly believes he has “seen the light” and is a changed man. I have never seen him this happy. The rehab center allows most patients to leave when they want..and my husband has decided to check himself out in a few days…much to my shock. But he will be doing an out-patient program from this point.

    Now…I shouldn’t complain about his attitude, right?!! But I think it is very odd that he is so happy and so inspired all of a sudden after years of depression and alc abuse. Now…he does still speak slowly and has trouble finding his words sometimes. (He was like that when he first went in due to high ammonia levels but those have gone down to normal now..yet he still speaks differently than he used to.)

    My question is:
    Is this “elation” and joy a normal part of recovery that many people go through? Should I expect a big drop in this at some point? Or perhaps he has truly healed in a short amount of time? I hate to be negative…but I’m very skeptical of this and quite honestly I’m afraid he’ll get a rude awakening when he returns to the stressors of home (two children, juggling schedules, bills, etc.) I have remained very positive and supportive when we speak but inside I’m really worried about his behavior.

    Can anyone offer me some insight into what might be happening with my husband at this point in rehab?

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