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    The other thread gave me this idea –

    I thought members would share some of the things
    they do
    and don’t do
    that help us get through the pressures
    of the Holiday
    in a Sober, Wiser way!

    ok – I’ll start –

    I don’t watch television.
    Well, PBS,
    sometinmes, at a friend’s house….
    but I don’t watch commercials.
    I don’t read magazines at this time of year.

    I don’t listen to ‘shout’ radio.
    I don’t listen to ‘all advertising and two minute tunes’ radio.
    It’s just too … frantic.
    And lately, commercial music is just … shallow.

    The pressure from advertising
    is just too ridiculous for words.
    Why put ourselves through that?

    So I’m a NPR person.

    You’d be amazed how much stress that gets rid of.

    One sober activity
    I’m trying out this year
    since I have a nicer car-
    Several friends and I are
    going to make the ‘run’ around Butte
    admiring people’s Christmas lights & home decorations.

    It’s relatively FREE OF CHARGE
    (Butte just isn’t that big so it’s not like it’ll take MUCH gas to do)
    we’re in a warm place,
    holiday music on the radio
    and looking at the pretty lights.

    With Sober Friends.

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