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    I wrote here once before, so here we go again.. Been drunk since i was 19 or 20, im now 36, right now i cant get in to all the abc’s of who i am. So i will make this super short, i have dibeeties and HBP and a host of mental issues as well as damage to my spine. I suffer from insane panic attacks and freak outs, in 2009 i went to the er and was in the hospital over 23 times.

    Right now i drink between 6 and 13 tall boys of light beer a day, mostly from 1AM to 9AM every day. The last time i was sober was in 2009 for 2 weeks and did not have to bad of a time going cold turkey. I would like to get to know every one more here but for now this is all i can get the balls up to type.

    I refuse to do detox right now but i want to know, is there any one in the world who was able to taper off beer? I have been able in the last weeks to go from 13 tall boys to 10 and now 7 tonight i want to do only 6.

    I just need kind words and any words of hope. I come from a long line for addicts, 2 of my brothers died from over dosing on smack and my father who is now dieing of throat cancer was a qt of vodka and a 12 pack a day man till he was 55 he has been drink free for 25 years. He quit cold turkey.

    My dad is dying and i already lost my mother to cancer when i was 21, i cant be a drunk for my dad’s last days.

    Sorry for any spelling mistakes right now.

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