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    So after ten years, about half my life, of alcohol abuse, I decided to kick the habit (or addiction, which ever it is) last September. I did pretty good, in fact I managed to go six months without a drop, that is until about two months ago. Then my problem kicked back in with a vengeance, and I did nothing to try to stop it. For the last two months I’ve drank like I’ve never drank before, popped pills (Xanax and at times Lortabs and Oxys), and like an idiot threw away everything I fought to achieve. The problem is now I can’t seem to get back on track, hell, I’m a bit hungover as I type this. I’ve been working a lot more hours, and therefore had more money to blow on booze.

    The first time I tried to give up alcohol I ended up caving after a day and a half, but after a week I tried again, and after a relatively mild withdrawal period I did pretty well, and after a while I stupidly thought I was ‘fixed’. But now that I’ve thrown it all away, how hard is it to get back on track? And quite frankly, I’m scared to give it up this time, I’m scared of what withdrawal might bring, I don’t know how physically and mentally hard it might be since I’ve been worse than ever the past two months or so.

    So basically, how do you get past your failures in sobriety? Physically and mentally? Because I’ve managed to screw myself over pretty well.

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