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    hi i stopped drinking a week ago..i class myself as a problem drinker and just started to question what all the drinking lark was all about,,my drinking mainly felt like something to make th evenings more palatable tv and wine after hard days work..but i dont want to do it anymore as i felt it was getting out of control and i started to scare myself,,would wake up in morning saying not doing that again then would do it agin the next night,maximum, a bottle of wine. anyway didnt really experience anywithdrawel symptoms except slight insomnia and lucid dreams…thing is things that happpend years ago whilst drunk have popped up n my conscience and i felt awful shame this eve and generally quite raw about my brothers death(he died over 10 years ago!) so i feel quite depressed and vulnerable …has any body else experienced these kind of emotions when gave up alcohol?:c020:
    thanks in advance for any replies

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