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    i was itching to drink like *crazy* a few hours ago so i tried to get some work done instead. i had trouble focusing, but after that i made absolutely tremendous progress.

    when i got done, i had the urge again. it was worse this time – now i had a reason to drink (i did a good job with my work, after all, why not celebrate? qs4thinking – you deserve it!)

    i’m resisting the best i can. i drove to a del taco by the bar and i was seriously considering going in but a fattening mexican meal took away my craving temporarily. i’m at home again and it’s back

    worst of all is that i don’t set my alarm on the weekends so i wake up “whenever.” this morning i woke up at 11… so i have a good 5-7 hours until i can even go to bed. i have ambien but i’m trying to avoid taking them as i’m at the end of my prescription and only have a few pills left, i want to save it for when i *need* it (like if tomorrow were a work day)

    well, i hope to god there’s something good on tv

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