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    sober people at the party. July is normally a big drinking month for me….not that all havn’t been, but July and December always seem to find me drunk more often than not, so I was a little worried making my lifetime sobriety decision on June 28th. July always brings lots of parties and get togethers.

    Anyways, I am at a Little League AllStar party last night, and one of the mothers of a kid on my team who we have been hanging out with the last year of so comes up to me and says, “hey, what are you drinking, (I had a Fresca), she then says you look so different without a beer in your hand, can I get you one? She was already at least 2 bottles of wine in. I said “no thanks, I’m not drinking.” She then says “you aren’t drinking tonight?” And I say “no, I think I’m done for good, it hasn’t been working for me.” All of the sudden she starts asking me about my previous drinking habits, and I tell her the truth as she is comparing her drinking to mine.

    Come to find out that her husband has been trying to get her to quit, and she drinks alone at night even after the parties much like I did. It was strange watching her come to the realization that she might have a problem, but then deny it by saying that her arguement was she isn’t hurting anybody, which I said I wasn’t hurting anybody either besides myself, and it was just time for me to stop. It was a very strange dynamic me being the sober person letting someone know my reasons, and at the sametime not being judgemental or resentful of her drinking. Made me feel pretty good, and like I am winning this battle. It was the 3rd time over my period of sobriety that people were intrigued by seeing me without a drink in my hand. 19 days and going strong!!

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