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    I was thinking I was crazy because everyone here was saying that my experience in 12-step programs could not have happened.

    I ran into someone I was in rehab with and he told me that he agreed about the meetings near me. About one meeting he said, that everyone there had been sleeping and partying with each other for so long that he was not surprised that I was not able to get anyone to even speak to me. (He had been part of this group and told me that they had to lower the requirement to run a meeting to one-month-clean because they could not get anyone who could chair when the requirements were more.)

    This is bad news in a way, but also encouraging because it confirmed my perception that the meetings were unhealthy.

    He told me that he would ask around about better meetings and get back to me.

    He also told me that not everyone in 12-steps is as unbalanced as the people in places near me.

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