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    Hey guys, haven’t posted much lately, just here and there…but wanted to post something to those that are new/early recovery that are looking for that “trick” that works to stay sober.

    I’m trying not to be not keeping exact dates on how long I have been sober because I’m trying to make it just a way of life now rather than about 30 days/60days etc etc…but it’s hard to not keep track 🙂 so I’m around 40-45 days right now. Anyway…This is probably around the 20th-30th time I have tried to get sober over the past 15 years. But EVERY time before this I was always looking for that “trick”…How could I get sober and not have to work at it. Not have to sit in meetings, not have to have a sponsor, not have to do all that crap.

    Well there’s a reason this is the 20th or 30th time I’ve tried to get/stay sober, because I avoided all that stuff those others times. I came here a year ago trying to get sober and was going to 1 meeting a week, didn’t have a sponsor, had worked the steps “somewhat” a few yrs before so figured “I don’t need to work the steps again right?”.

    Well that’s all BS and wont keep you sober. I know that from experience let me tell you.

    This time around, I’m doing 3-4 meetings a week (AA & Celebrate recovery) I have a temp sponsor which turned into my “real” full time sponsor. Started re working the steps, And just thrown myself back inro an actual “program” again. And guess what, I’m half way through my 2nd month sober now and feeling great.

    I guess my point of this post is this to those like me that are still 1/2 months new to this. Just because you have tried a program, don’t discount doing it again. Don’t look for a “trick”. Get yourself in a “program” (AA…Celebrate Recovery…Life ring…Whatever you find) and work it. Because I found from many trials…you can get sober on your own, but you can’t Stay sober on your own. It just don’t work, our minds don’t work well when left on our own:cries3:

    Hope everyone else is doing well.


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