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    Long hours put in today… not only on the CD, but somehow my autodraft didn’t go through for our health insurance and it was cancelled!!! I had to do the “squeaky wheel” thing, talk with 5 or 6 different people at the insurance Co, get a letter from my bank… but in the end they re-instated us. I am SO relieved. Not only is the next plan we would have to go with $200 more per month, but the cancellation would be effective Sep 1… I have had a LOT of dr visits and things… we would find ourselves 100% responsible for all of them. When I got the final call where they finally caved, I literally dropped to my knees and thanked God. Our insurance is already expensive… and the costs of losing it would totally sink us.

    So- after that, I did some follow up on our car insurance issue after being struck while parked and playing a wedding in August. It’s taking an awfully long time to get the ball rolling, but I did locate our eyewitness and that is a big step forward.

    And now the odd part… all evening long, I have been longing to be in some kind of altered state. I wouldn’t even describe it as a craving… just really wanted to check out in some form for a few hours. Of course- – I did not. But I thought about how good a drink would taste and feel more than once tonight. I attribute a lot of that to the stressful day and week, but it was still a weird feeling.

    5 days away from my 60 days… And today marks the longest I have ever maintained sobriety ever.:c029:

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