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    Well…I finally did what I’ve spent the past sixteen months saying I was going to do and I went to my first Cocaine Anonymous meeting. I thought that if I was living my AA program that the craving for drugs wouldn’t be so bad. I thought that I could cope. 16 months sober and I have no cravings for alcohol but the craving for coke and pills and speed have never left me. I was thinking that maybe my addiction wasn’t actually that bad! I once took two grams of cocaine in about two hours. I got arrested with over two hundred ecstacy pills, scales, glucose, speed etc etc. And still I thought my drug problem was ok. I justified it. I was worried about going to CA incase they told me that I didn’t belong. And that’s after being in AA for a while.

    See as soon as I shared at CA…it was like a warm feeling started in my stomach and it felt so amazing. I’m glad I went and I will continue to go. I would like to get into service with them.

    Just wanted to share that xx

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