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    Well I got myself all ready for my first meeting and set off. I found the church hall it was listed as being at. It all looked pretty quiet but I tried the door. Upon entering I found myself face to face with a youth amateur dramatics group.

    I was pretty embarrassed and pretty mad as it was listed as at that location etc. Felt like going straight to the bar and getting drunk.

    I got home and called my local AA number and everything I had was correct but the group was just not there.

    Its pretty poor as it took me a bit of courage to step in there, the least the group can do is update the national website and the local helpline surely?


    Hi soberscot,

    I think everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn’t make sense at the time.

    The main thing is that you don’t give up seeking recovery.


    Apologies Scot, it does happen that a meeting closes or moves and the local organisers aren’t told, or the message doesn’t get to the people it needs to get to so that lists can be updated. It’s happened to me too, I interrupted a parish council meeting – thankfully I could see as I came through the door that they were all holding papers so I was suspicious that it wasn’t “my type” of meeting!

    Please don’t let it put you off – if you’re speaking to your local AA office can I suggst that you arrange to meet a member somewhere to accompany you to your next meeting? That way you’ll be sure that there’s a meeting at the end of it!

    Well done for trying – it does take courage.

    And a wee PS – it’s telling that you “Felt like going straight to the bar and getting drunk”. I think we all know that feeling well. Carry on with AA for a while – you’ll learn why we get those feelings – and what we can do about it!


    Sorry Scott, I laughed !!!! You gotta admit, it is kind of funny.

    Anyway, AA is still largely word of mouth a lot of the time. And I’m sorry you didn’t get to go, I hope you don’t give up , and try another meeting.



    Stuff happens…Big Kudos fro trying…
    Central Office can connect you with someone that would either pick you up ior meet you ..

    please don’t quit before the miracle happens.


    Thanks guys,

    There is another meeting tomorrow evening in another town. I am gonna give that a go. It just angered me that surely one alcoholic would at least want to give another the best chance of recovery. Its not much help if someone spends the day psyching themselves up for a first meeting only to find its not there……

    I can sort of see the funny side of it too, just gotta get up tomorrow which is another day and give it another go. I have yet to have a drink (since 18th Aug) so just got to keep my focus on that.




    One of my very first meetings in AA was held in a church near my home. I too went to that meeting with shaky knees and wasn’t really keen on going at all. I walked in and sat next to a fellow who introduced himself and suggested I grab some coffee and cookies. I did just that and the meeting got underway.

    About 3 minutes into the meeting I realized it was a meeting of gamblers anonymous. I was too self conscious to excuse myself so I sat quietly and thanked everyone for their kindness after the meeting ended. I suppose I am a step ahead of my potential NEXT addiction.

    If we weren’t crazy we would all go insane. Enjoy the fact that you were sober enough that you KNEW it wasn’t an AA meeting!



    O my…that is really a bummer.

    I l fled my first meeting in horror…
    only stayed for 30 minutes.

    “Geez! I’m not that bad”
    “Who are these weird people?”

    Grabbed a taxi…went to a bar.

    3 years later…now on the edge of insanity
    I returned to the same group.

    🙂 Those weird members showed me how to
    stay sober and be joyous.

    This can happen for you too.


    Dave, thanks for this –

    It just angered me that surely one alcoholic would at least want to give another the best chance of recovery. Its not much help if someone spends the day psyching themselves up for a first meeting only to find its not there……

    You’re so right. Thanks for the reminder. In my neck of the woods, I’ll try and do my bit to keep meeting lists up to date.


    Hi again Dave…

    Please call your local AA
    and ask where there is an

    Alano Clubhouse

    That’s a building just for recovery meetings

    Double Hugs


    Pls go again – I didn’t see the funny side when it happened to me – and used it as an excuse to drink self stupid for another year! I hope you’ll try again!! I know the feeling, but you’re doing the right thing!! good luck!!!


    Dave call it a test run to the first real one. You have proven to your self that you can walk throught those doors, an old timer in my area calls the rooms of AA “The healing rooms” and I can attest that he is right, I have found the miracle they speak of in the rooms, but I had to go to meetings and work the steps, the miracle did not just jump into my lap one day.

    I assume you did call the local AA in your area and make sure that meeting is happening where they say it is.

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