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    Let me start by saying if getting sober is half as hard as entering the correct capshaw (six digits you have to enter to prove you aren’t a robot) to register for this site, I’m in for a difficult battle. Musta taken me ten times before I got it right…. :c029:

    In short I’m a guy who has struggled with opiate addiction for the last 6+ yrs, it’s nuts when you actually think about how long you’ve been using huh? I got some of the pills from Dr’s who were trying to help me with my back, and plenty of others on the black market.

    What I realized late in the game was that it doesn’t matter where you’re getting the drugs, it’s bad news regardless of who says you’re okay to take ’em. I’ve had my fair share of justifications, and reasons why I’ve used drugs…just like you all have.

    Finally ready for a change here, Friday will be my first ever NA meeting. A bit nervous, and unsure of what to expect… hell, I’d love to flake on the meeting and “do it on my own” but that just hasn’t worked in the past.

    I have no problem quitting pills for two, three, hell, sometimes five weeks…. but I always seem to go back and use for four to five days and find myself somewhat attracted to the lifestyle yet again.

    I never dove into heroin use, thank God, I knew I’d like that one too much. I’ve taken just about every pill known to man, and have likely done some semi-permanent damage to my liver and kidneys in doing so.

    Friday I’ll be going to the meeting with a friend who “isn’t quite ready to quit, but wants to see what the meetings are like.” I’m fine with him doing it when the time is right for him, I sure know I hated people telling me what to do.

    I myself am ready. Scared, but ready. Cool forum you guys have here, what a great place to share ideas, stories, and opinions.

    More than likely I’ll be told in NA to stop all drugsalcohol… but I don’t plan to stop drinking socially – really that isn’t a problem for me, never has been. Opiates are the only thing that ever got a hold of me. I know I know, you’re gonna say I’ll end up going back to my favorite drug if I continue to drink socially – maybe you’re right… there’s only one way to find out.

    I’d like to think I can still go out and enjoy a drink once in a while, and not have to worry about becoming addicted to pills once again. We will see what the future holds.

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