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    I did what everyone told me not to and started dating 2 months into my sobriety. I guess without realizing it i made her my new comfort my new alcohol if you will. ten months later as im dealing with the feelings of one year sober now what? Im also dealing with no more girlfriend now what?

    What is the healthy way to deal with this i have an appointment with my therapist to talk and am trying to get a hold of my sponsor but hes at work. I wanna eat and i wanna workout because i know that will help but i cant get myself to eat and dont have the motivation and energy to workout.

    I know somebody out there has dealt with a break up during sobriety id really like to know what got you through it? Im NOT going to pick up a drink but my stupid brain keeps coming back to that conclusion i need some alternate ideas? there isnt a meeting around me til noon and my family is all working.

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