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    Hi everyone. I am on day 3 since quitting drinking. I am in my early 20s and primarily binge drink 2-3 days a week with my friends. Nothing too disasterous ever happened. But enough social drama and stress came from my drinking habits that I have been “cutting back” for a while now. I thought for a while that going out and having 10 or so drinks a couple times a week was normal behavior for someone my age. But then I started waking up with classic withdrawal symptoms after drinking (like worse than the hangovers my friends experience). So I thought to myself that these symptoms indicate that my body is becoming addicted to alcohol.

    I dont drink every day or in the morning or at work or anything, it was just the threat of addiction that made me realize I am probably in the early stages of alcoholism. I have done a lot of reading about this disease and dont want to get to any of the later stages. It terrifies me so I know I need to stop drinking altogether. Anyway…I am wondering if anyone has experience with quitting binge-drinking (like i described above). What should I expect physically, emotionally, psychologically? The last time I had alcohol was Friday night when I shared some wine with my friend. Yesterday I was anxious and had a headache but i felt okay after 24 hours. I feel fine today just a little tired. Any feedback on the first weeks/months of abstinence and what I can expect would be helpful. Thanks!

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