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    Yesterday was my first “drinking holiday” completely sober in over 6 years!! In fact, it marked 11 days for me (which is also, I believe, the longest I’ve been without using some kind of mind/mood-altering substance in over 6 years)! I went to a great women’s meeting last night, and talked with someone for a long time about AA, how it works, getting a sponsor, working the steps, etc. I feel better than ever and can’t tell you all how thankful I am that I woke up hangover (not to mention guilt!) free this morning – especially considering I had to be into work early (not that that would’ve matter to me in the past, I just would’ve spent the morning running back and forth to the bathroom puking).
    I’m not gonna lie, there have been days when this thing really sucked and I REALLY wanted to drink and I haven’t yet grasped that “call someone from AA” thing…but overall, I’m happier and more functional than I have been in years. And for that, for all of you out there lending support and words of wisdom, and for the wonderful meeting I got to go to last night, oh, and for my life – because a year ago, I truly believed I’d be dead by now – I am truly grateful!!

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