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    This past Sunday, my husband and I were on our way to pick up my stepdaughter. We were going to the “Midland Magic Fall Festival” in the small town where we live.
    As we traveled up the two lane hwy on our way we were crossing over a major hwy. As we crossed over the bridge, I looked down below. It was on the shoulder of that major hwy, just under that particular bridge, where a little more than a year ago, I was overdosing after being on a three day crack cocaine binge. The entire right side of my body went numb, so numb in fact it was all I could do to lift my right leg to put on the brake and make it over to the shoulder. I was blacking out. I remember asking God to not let me die like that on the side of the highway….pipe in my lap….rock on the passenger seat. What would my family, my kids think?
    Anyway, I somehow made it off the hwy and to a store at that exit. I sat there for a little while, drinking orange juice…I had heard drinking oj was good if you were od’ing. Finally feeling well enough, I made it home. Came in the house, laid on the couch and passed out for about 2 hours. Woke up, grabbed my pipe, grabbed my baggie and started all over again.

    As we crossed over that bridge, I thought about this…And I asked myself, “How did I live through that?” And I also thought about what I was doing that day….going to a fall festival, spending time with my family and enjoying myself….how different I was now, from that girl that was under that bridge that day. It was at that moment, I felt more grateful for my sobriety, then any other moment I can remember.

    Thanks for letting me share. :tyou


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