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    Ive drank for roughly 10 years, mostly weekends but id say atleast 75% of the time ive blacked out. I dont drink as much now and when i do i just get ingulfed with anxiety that usually lasts a couple of days. Im almost sure this anxiety comes from all the blackouts, waking up worrying about what i did the night before and i do get flashbacks alot especially when im lying in bed at night. My last goal was to stay dry for 30 days which i did and im now going to try 3 months but im just wondering does anyway else experience this . Im actually too scared to even drink these days. Also when i was in my rut with drink i was doing 3-4 days benders in my room on my own just getting drunk which also led to mild depression and a **** load of guilt i still carry. Think that may be why i feel crap when i go out and drink as it reminds me of those dark lonely days. Think i crossed the line and spoilt it all for myself.

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