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    I was in a quandary this weekend.

    I had arranged, along with my 9 year old son, to go on a 10 mile (round trip) hike deep into the Georgia woods to a remote inn above the beautiful Amicalola Falls.

    I hadn’t hiked that far since 1973, when I climbed Mount Olympus in Greece.

    I occasionally suffer from a painful condition called Plantar’s Fasciitis, which is an inflammation of the fascia & tendon of the heel area of the feet. When it is full-blown, it is very painful to stand and put weight on the feet, not to mention putting one foot in front of the other . . . .

    The “quandary” I was in was that if the condition flared up on the hike, there would have been no parctical way to “extract” me from the woods.

    So I acquired a half dozen Vicoprofen (7.5 mg. HC + ibuprofen) for emergency purposes. I took a couple of regular ibuprofen each day to stave off inflammation.

    Fortunately, I wasn’t in pain and didn’t need the higher octane meds. I had no desire to use them recreationally and didn’t.

    I have a few questions for anyone who has been in a comparable predicament. I knew that I was flirting with trouble if I took any of them.

    1. I’ve been HC free for 8 months. My cravings are minimal. If I had to use the pain meds for one or two days, would I actually go back to “ground zero” as far as the addiction & withdrawal were concerned, i.e. would the withdrawal have been similar to what I initially experienced? Previously, it took me about a month to feel human . . .

    2. Under the circumstances, was my decision to have such a “saftey net” a really stupid idea?

    Thanks in advance,



    Given the circumstances you described, I would have to say that you were justified in bringing them along. You are solid enough in your recovery that you weren’t tempted to take them for fun. I just wouldn’t keep them around the house or anything. No need to torture yourself. As far as the withdrawals, I doubt that amount would take you back to “ground zero”. Psychologically it may trigger cravings, but if your support system is in place you should be fine.


    No one can speak for you, Buzz, just as only I can speak for myself. Personally, getting and having my DOC is a no no – no matter what the circumstances. I guess if I am in ER or the hospital and the pain meds are administered by a Dr., I would have no choice. But on my own it is a dangerous and slippery slope. Once opiates are in my body, I go nuts mentally and physically. I guess what I am saying is I want to avoid that at all costs.

    In the situation you were in, perhaps you could speak with your medical doctor about perscribing some non-narcotic pain relief, just in case. I don’t know if he or she would do that, but it would be much safer than having my DOC around.

    Have you flushed them yet?


    You didn’t need them, thus you didn’t take any. To me, that speaks for itself.
    But that is just my opinion. Tho’ I did laugh when you said you “acquired” them.


    For me – I can’t have alcohol around…When I was living with XBF – He had a big Box of Booze in the house..He is not allowed to drink since his stroke – had a real hard time accepting that (might be one of us) But he refuses to get rid of it…Even tho he has been told if he drinks he risks death…

    One day I walked into the computer room in a happy joking mood (5-6 yrs sober) and the box was right there – without a thought – I walked over to the box – picked up a huge bottle of Kahlua and said “Mmmmm chocolat” opened it and was going to take a big slug of it…Not one thought of my Alcoholism or the fact that I do not drink came into my mind up until this point – all of a sudden – I SAW WHAT I WAS DOING – HOLY SMOKES !!! :a102:
    I started shaking and got REALLY ANGRY..I told him to get this ^%*% box out of the condo !!!(I had asked many times b4) I don’t drink -you can’t drink – We don’t need this here !!!
    It is life threatening for BOTH of us…He still didn’t want to…So I said – I’m going to a meeting – You do what you want – but if I ever find any of it again – I’m leaving – You’d better hide it well…I never ran across it again until I helped him move in April and at that time I had hired someone else to do the packing & don’t live with him now…
    But they talk about the strange twists of the mind OUT OF THE BLUE – with NO DESIRE to drink – like that milkstory in the Big Book…..Brrrrrr Scary !! I respect my disease and any thoughts I had that “maybe I might not be an Alcoholic” – (Hi-Bottom Drunk) have been firmly removed from my mind…

    Personally – I’d get rid of the Vicodin and stay away fm my DOC..for me Alcohol leads to my DOC…..


    Buzz, I have also been at the point where I have my DOC due to pain issues. I am so impressed that you didn’t abuse. Good for you!


    I do mean good for you – Don’t take me wrong…
    But in my 7 yrs of sobriety – I had NEVER had a craving Thank God, not a desire to drink…That is why this scared the CRAP out of me and made me a believer of my powerlessnes..Even tho I held “some degree” of thought that when I came in – I still had “some” power over alcohol because I was not a daily drinker or as “bad” as most people – ha ha


    After my sobriety date, i had to have surgery on my arm due to an infection that would have led to amputation due to my drug use. Now from my experience, everytime i had been to the hospital and they were made aware of the fact that i had a drug problem, they either kicked me out and were very nonsympathetic to my pain, or locked me up in a state facility to detox me the hard way,

    And so i was afraid of making the doctors aware of the fact that i was a recovering addict. As hard as i tired to avoid surgery, the doctors did not let me go and hooked me up to a ….are you ready for this ladies and gentlmen…HOOKED ME UP TO A MORPHINE DRIP.

    Now the doctor came back every few hours and saw that i was in terrible pain and could not figure out why my tolerance was building up so quickly and instantly to the drug..and i still kept my mouth shut about my situation.

    Upon my release from the hospital only 3 days later, after being on opiates for such a brief time, i went to withdrawals almost instantly. It was not as bad as it was after months of use, but it was bad enough.

    I know some will think it was my addict mind that did not want to tell the doctor i couldn’t touch an opiate let alone a morphine drip, but there were numerous times when i needed their help and they turned their backs on me..leaving my strung out for weeks before they had a bed for me in a half ass decent detox facility..treating me like i crawled out from under a rock.

    So i suffered through it in silence. Any opiate addict knows the misery of withdrawals and by God i did not want to go through that again..so i guess i had to bite the bullet.

    Yes, withdrawals are inevitable and will show their ugly face even with the shortest “monitored” use.
    You are a strong man.


    I don’t know much about your original question Buzz, but I know a bit about Plantar’s Fasciitis, if you want any info. on that.

    Are you wearing anything such as Superfeet? or anything at night to help with it?


    Sorry you are in pain.


    Buzz…I think that you have obtained your meds for a valid reason…I am married to an avid hiker and know that is always good to have a safety net…

    He keep his away from here cause I am still too green in my recovery to keep them here.

    I personally do not think you have done anything irresponsible…..

    congrats on olympus….that is great !!!! Enjoy your hike !!!



    Oh – I’m so sorry that has happened to you IV…..Makes me mad !!


    I’m glad that you are OK now !!!





    WOW……….absolutely felt the need to reply to this quandry!

    Personally, I would come up with another alternative……….like something non-narcotic and non-addictive.

    I think Toradol’s relatively safe (as soon as I say that, someone will probably say they been ‘addicted’ to it), can offer pretty good pain control and also works in the anti-inflammatory category.

    You are REALLY, REALLY flirting with the unknown! Why take the chance and risk your 8 months of sobriety?


    Been there/done that,



    Buzz you are the only one who can accurately determine how much flirting you can get away with.

    One thing I do know is universal among all addicts is that it is our own responsibility not to place ourselves in harm’s way. If you know you have a serious medical condition then perhaps going on a ten mile hike into remote areas could have waited until your health improves.


    Thanks y’all for your thoughtful and helpful replies. Many good points raised!

    There were a lot of unknowns about the hike, a few of which had serious possible consequences (e.g blowing my sobriety vs. getting disabled & stuck away from civilization). I stocked up on regular ibupofen and was prepared to take maximum recommended doses if needed. However, there was also the real risk of dehydration in this 90+ Georgia heat, with the possibility that high doses of the OTC meds could harm my kidneys. Maybe I worry too much . . .

    I sure as H didn’t want to blow my clean time without a damn good reason. At this point in my life freedom from opiate addiction is an important part of my self concept – much more important than a high.

    The suggestion to flush the meds is very wise. I didn’t rush to do it because I think there will be more opportunities to hike and I don’t know how I’d go about getting more if I really needed them. There are venomous snakes, lots of opps for twisted and broken limbs, etc. when hiking around here.

    I had a ‘scrip around the house for 6 months after I decided to quit. I got rid of those and flushed the rest. But I was never tempted to use while I had them in my possession. At the end of the day it boils down to how much faith I have in myself as well as self-control. The drugs are like a weapon . . . in an addict’s hand they can rarely be used for good but more often for bad.

    I’ve got to go in for a scanning procedure that folks who are 50+ ought to do. It will involve anesthesia with Fentanyl & Versed. My concern about the withdrawal was as much about that as anything else. There is NO WAY I am going to have the procedure done without being in a twilight state!

    Opiates have their place if not used for recreation. I don’t recommend any of my decisions for anyone else.

    Peter: Plantar’s can come and go. As far as I can tell, it is a chronic condition (or predisposition). The thought of canceling the trip crossed my mind many times. But then, so did the importance of “bonding” with my son. This is the first time we have done anything like this together. I’m glad I decided to do it. Probably would have regretted it had it turned out differently . . .

    DWI: I’d be grateful if you could share what you know about PF, maybe by PM. I wear othotics every day in my shoes but don’t use braces, etc. at night. I know about stretching but I am lazy and don’t do it enough.

    Much obliged to all.



    Beautiful area for a hike. Next time give Jacks River a try and you’ll be up in my “neck of the woods”. It is a nice hike and at one point you have the option to cross the river on a cable. Yikes! But the same dangers lurk here – rattle snakes, bears, hidden traps…many things that can go wrong but I guess living in this area for a few years now it seems like part of the territory. Doesn’t bother me in the least. Had a 400 pund black bear in my garage the first month I lived here…that was exciting. But now we just go – oh look another bear.

    Congrats on your strength in recovery. I was clean 11 years before my relapse in 2004. But while in recovery I had a surgical procedure done that required Fentanyl and Versed and then a Demerol Pump for 24 hours. I did not have withdrawal or cravings and after 1 day home I flushed the narcotics they gave me for after surgery pain. No cravings & no withdrawal. It was very short term and I did okay. Now several years later I had to take narcotics for an ongoing pain issue after an injury in 2004. The addict took over that time. I suppose the difference had alot to do with both the length of time I had to take them and my state of mind.

    Best of luck. My husband has plantar fasciitis and I know it can be painful. Ice and stretching can help tremendously. Also the inserts for your shoes that cushion and provide arch support. One medication that can be taken short term for Pain is Toradol. It does work well for me – but again it is a short term medication – I believe up to a week. Might be worth checking out.

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