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    My husband and I are University of Texas graduates. We were watching the BIG game today with OU… what a game! Very close but UT pulled it out. UT is #3 in the nation right now but the top 2 teams must play each other at some point, so if UT wins the rest of our games… then we’re going to the National Championships to play the winner of the top 2…. Just like 2005.

    2005 was the greatest UT football season I have ever seen! I was a newly-wed and we went to every game. I got completely bombed every Saturday. The day we won the national championship was the most fun, happiest day of my life. Seriously, I considered naming my child after Vince Young.

    With today’s win, the excitement of 2005 just came rushing back to me…. and of course, the first thing I think of is “how can I go the whole rest of my life watching football games and not drinking???”

    I look over at my husband, who drank as much as I did back then, and who is not drinking with me right now. I’m thinking, “if I were you and not pregnant, I would so want a beer right now”… But it doesn’t seem to occur to him.

    I think for me the excitement of that 2005 season was tied to drinking. Drinking was a very key part of it for me. For him, drinking was just some non-important detail.

    It was still fun watching the game today. I didn’t even think about drinking until we won and I got really excited. I guess I’m just going to have to continue to form new memories of watching exciting games without drinking beer.

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