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    My cat went missing yesterday. He is my baby boy. I’ve had him 6 years and I love him to pieces. I don’t know where he is but the worry is driving me crazy. It is not like him to be gone like this, he is usually only allowed out on his leash but he got out yesterday and who knows where he is..

    I’ve also had an argument with my mom today and now she may not attend my wedding. This is a really bad day..I can’t believe I am grieving my cat like this but I really loved him..he was my constant comfort…I hope he returns. I am putting posters up this evening, even if someone hit him I hope they come forward so I can have peace.

    Times like this make me want to drink but I know there is no use or good in is so hard dealing with such raw emotion..I know this may not sound very important to some and i know many, many of you have been through sooooo much worse and come out sober, but pain is pain and it is a hard emotion…I will remember that drinking will do nothing to help this situation and only make matters worse.

    I realized today I have so much unresolved anger towards my mother and myself..this is not healthy, I need help. I am 32 and getting nowhere.

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