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    Something did not turn out the way you wanted. And maybe, it was for the best.

    Disappointments and setbacks can have a way of becoming positive turning points. When something does not work out, it makes room for other possibilities.

    Be careful not to attach your sense of fulfillment too tightly to specific outcomes and circumstances. For there are far more possibilities than you have yet imagined.

    Sometimes you aim too high and sometimes you aim too low. When you do, the resulting disappointments can help guide you toward where you truly want to be.

    Whether the last few days have seen you move forward or fall back, new doors have most certainly been opened by whatever has happened. Choose now to focus on the most promising of your current options.

    Go with the assumption that whatever happens is for the best. And you’ll find a way to make it so.

    — Ralph Marston


    Sometimes when I think I have my life figured out, I find that God has other plans. Hindsight has taught me that His plans are ALWAYS better than mine, even when it doesn’t seem so at the time.

    Now, when life hands me a “detour”, I know it’s just God’s way of redirecting me to some place He’d rather I be. And that’s okay with me.



    I have no choice but to accept that what happens in my life is for the Best. *LOL*

    Just so happens that when I look back, I see the reasons many times.

    Best grew from that experience.
    Best was guided away from that experience.
    Best had his butt pulled from a hotter fire from that experience.

    God knows Best and Best is grateful that He cares about me.

    I am grateful that He cares about us all.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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