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    I urge you to give Campral a try.

    It was originally just made for people suffering from alcohol abuse. It works by blocking out the cravings or urges we might get by certain environmental reminders (a street, a song, a person etc etc etc)

    To me, addicts are one in the same. All of us got here the same way — whatever substance was most rewarding to us triggered a high amount of dopamine to be released. So, drug of choice is a phrase I don’t like to use… none of chose this. More so, I like to use the phrase “most rewarding substance” because what might get a cocaine addicts dopamine to flow isn’t the same for an opiate addict and what might get an opiate addicts dopamine to flow might not be the same for an alcoholic etc etc

    So, with that said, I am an opiate addict because opiates are my most rewarding substance. I’m currently on suboxone and campral and I am starting wellbutrin tomorrow (its replacing my abilify and cymbalta)

    I urge anyone with a meth cocaine or opiate problem to give campral a try. Even though its marketed towards alcoholics, I can speak from experience that works well for me also!


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