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    My husband knows of my addiction – he was the one prescribed the pills after a motorcycle accident that left him permanently injured. Towards the end before I stopped taking them, I was letting him dole out the amount (for the most part…sometimes he’d leave them in plain sight and then…well…yeah…I’m an addict so…you know how that goes). Anyway, the doses he would dole out weren’t enough to keep away the dope sickness, so I bought tramadol online. Of course, I took 4x the amount I was supposed to take.

    Anyway, fast forward to now…my husband has been watching me detox, and couldn’t understand why it was so horrible for me. He didn’t know that I was taking more of his pills as well as the tramadol. Yesterday, the place where I had previously ordered the tramadol kept calling my cell phone. I was asleep and my husband answered the phone. He didn’t know what it was about so he told them to call back in 2 hours. 40 minutes went by and they called again. He picked it up and said “I told you guys TWO HOURS.” They then proceeded to tell HIM about my order not being refilled and that they needed a new credit card number to fill it. (Note: I never authorized them to refill ANYTHING). So he freaks out and comes in to wake me up. I make up an excuse…but then those asses KEPT CALLING. At one point I answered and said “Please stop calling me!” and they called back 5 minutes later.

    They called over and over from different numbers all night…I put my phone on silence, but my kitty is missing so I had to keep checking to see if anyone local called. My husband, of course, asked if they were still calling. I finally broke down and told him the truth….that I had ordered the tramadol…and how much I had been taking. That was really…tough to do…

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