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    Well i think Friday nights have always been a trigger actually, but it has hit home tonight.

    Last Friday was the first Friday night for a few weeks that i didn’t have my children so i was free to go out if i wished. I really felt as though i was missing out, knowing that old friends were out clubbing. I did not go out however and in turn had a really good weekend.

    Tonight i have felt similar, except not as strong. I made some plans tonight to do other things and keep active for the evening. So i went to an AA meeting, shared how i felt about Fridays and got some good advice, realising that others have been through the same. Then afterwards went to my local scuba club, which meets on a Friday at the local reservoir clubhouse.

    I had to keep away from the drinkers who are in the club, there are two distinct cliques within the club. The drinkers and the non drinkers. My heart is geared towards the drinkers, because ultimately that is what i am, i relate to them and know i could fit in quite well with them. However my head tells me to stay away, i have met some good people who i class as the non drinkers and now enjoy associating with other divers, some who don’t drink at all and others that may just have one or two.

    So overall tonight was a good night out. It’s day 97, I go to bed sober, in the morning i pick my children up and tomorrow looks good.

    Thanks for letting me share this.


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