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    I never had anyone have to encourage me into treatment or recovery for my alcoholism, but my friend–and yes it’s actually my friend, not me in disguise– I’ll call her Laura, is facing this situation with her sister. Basically Laura’s sister has ramped up her drinking to the point that Laura usually smells booze on her breath everytime she sees her. She’s depressed most of the time and has lost motivation for a lot of things. And alcoholism runs in the family, on both sides, which is why Laura doesn’t drink. Basically she needs help. Laura told me that her sister doesn’t get angry when she brings up treatment to her sister, but is clearly in the denial phase.

    My question: What can Laura do to get her sister to see that she needs help or does she just have to hit bottom? And if she hits bottom, how can she get her sister into AA?

    I’ve recommended Laura go to Al-Anon and find some resources there, but beyond that I’m not sure what to tell her as I know an addict has to want treatment and recovery to get it.


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