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    I need some justification/insight here. I usually post over in friends and family but I feel that someone who has actually experienced addiction first hand would really help.

    My best friend was an addict for several years, with the DOC being coke and weed, though he enthusiastically and frequently used any and all substances that came his way. He has had a few relapses with weed along the way, which he claims he regretted, and he takes opportunity to talk down people he considers potheads. But, he is not going to meetings, not meeting with his therapist, and sadly his sponsor suddenly passed away a few months ago.

    The frequency and happiness with which he talks about weed have increased, and he is hanging out with a new group of friends that only smoke. He went from one week not smoking but once a month to smoking three times a week. He seems remorseful and still claims that he wants to not smoke, however he also says that his goal is to eventually be able to be a social smoker, like if he is at a party or concert and people pass around a joint he wants to be able to share. He says that since we are in college and it seems like everyone is smoking (I’m not, btw) it is okay for him too.

    This to me seems like he is just denying that he is an addict. While it’s not him using coke, meth, lsd, etc it is still detrimental to him because it can not only have negative effects, lead to more, and also I feel like it’s still an addiction. He is so convincng though, in telling me that it’s not a big deal if he is a social smoker, that I almost doubt what I think. It might not be a big deal YET, but since my friend is an addict any substance abuse is going to have a negative impact on him that it won’t have on non-addicted users.

    Has anyone had experience with a recovering addict (not sure if that term really applies at this point) being able to smoke weed socially, without it being a problem? I don’t think it’s possible, and the fact that he wants to really points out that there is a problem.

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