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    Overcoming Internet Forum Addiction: Signs and Countermeasures of a New Legal Addiction – Associated Content –

    “Spending hours in front of a computer screen reading through forums.
    This is the easiest symptom to spot. The Internet forum addict in question is simply spending too much time in front of a computer staring at the computer screen. I can see the irony of this statement as I am currently sitting in front of a computer typing something for an Internet blog site and chances are you are sitting in front of an computer screen reading this. The difference between us and the Internet forum addict is that when I sit to type this, I aim only to finish this article. And I assume you are reading this in an attempt to drive off an Internet forum addict.

    The Internet forum addict stares at the computer screen simply to browse for information and talk to who knows who on another computer screen. By spending hours living his or her virtual life online, his or her real life is wasting away. Instead of browsing for information to experience, he or she could be out actually experiencing what they are searching about online. The more time a person spends online on forums, the less time is spent on actual communication skills. I met a few online forum buddies in real life who have no social graces or concepts of how to act among real people. Nothing beats reality. I don’t mean to be crude, but I’d rather have sex with a real woman than typing about it on a forum……………………..”

    I just had to post this, it had been on my mind for a while, after noticing what appeared to be the replaceing of one addiction with another

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