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    Hi everyone, haven’t been here for ages but it is always great to know that i can pop in from time to time. So nice to see people here that i know have been here for a while … and of course everyone in between!!!

    I am up to 11 years this oct and life just keeps improving, wow!! I get sad and feel upset lots but i feel happy and carefree lots too.

    i really just wanted to say hi to everyone … and wish everyone the best with this thing and not drinking. i devoted so much time and energy to alcohol and then I stopped drinking and it seemed i still devoted a lot of time and energy to it … and that was a good thing!!!! And while it has gotten less time and less energy … I still have to do what i gotta do to remember that i can’t drink, but that is ok now … i am used to it … it just has to be done

    Life is so much better!!!

    Peace to all

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