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    I quit drinking 161 days ago prior to the start of a new job. I was insanely worried that my drinking would get in the way of a successful performance so I kicked it to the curb. Things have gone pretty smoothly. I did not go through any serious withdrawals. I had some increased anxiety and a mild feeling of general unrest, but that was it. I have been able to stay sober without AA so far, and I think this is probably due to how busy I am with the job. Their really isn’t time to drink, and my close friends know I’m not drinking so they don’t call me if they are going to the bars.

    Generally, I feel great. My mood is not always up, but it is certainly more under my control. I am less affected by the outside environment, and I can deal with stressors as they come along. I would also say that at times I do feel down, as I’m sure everyone does, but those times are ok because I know they are going to pass eventually. Overall this may be the best 161 days of my life since I started drinking 10 years ago at age 17. I feel like I’m in control of myself finally. I have a self-confidence now that had been inexplicably elusive over the last decade. And the best part is that as time goes by things have continued to improve. I am an infrequent poster, but I browse this site occasionally and it has given me plenty of think about since I put down the bottle. Good luck to the rest of the folks working on quitting, those staying sober, and everyone else. Thanks for reading.

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