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    Hi everyone. I’m new here. I’m a 22 year old girl with a heroin addiction. I’ve been trying to quit using for months and I haven’t been successful. I went on a vacation to detox on the beach and I ended up making the 11 hour drive home days early so I could use again. I attended na meetings on a daily basis for several weeks, but I would go use after the meetings. I feel like my whole life has been wrecked by this drug. I used to be really pretty and now I look horrible. Strung out with big bags under my eyes and scabs and bruises all over my body. I want my life back so badly. I need to get clean and I going to try like I’ve never tried before. I’m going to go to meetings every day. I’m going to get into therapy. I’m moving back in with my parents (who don’t know about my addiction).

    I’m 23 hours clean as of right now. All of my dealers started hitting me up a couple hours ago when they hadn’t heard from me since I’m an everyday customer. I told them I’m done with it and to leave me alone. I’m so proud of myself. I know 23 hours isn’t a lot of clean time, but it’s a big step for me. I just hope the dopesickness doesn’t last for long. I feel so awful already.

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