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    at least mentally…

    I wondered if anybody could share any recollection of the experience that I had earlier this week.

    I have not managed to stop drinking yet but it is my firm intention to do so. At the moment I’m grappling with accessing appropriate services for detox, so that I can do it properly. Hopefully sorted within the next week or two!

    However, earlier this week I felt extreemely unwell with abdo. cramps, vomiting etc. During this time I had no desire whatsoever to drink and therefore didn’t. However I got to day three and, scared from a previous withdrawal experience, decided to drink a couple of cans in order to stave off any withdrawal signs. I’m not 100% sure that I actually experienced any but my anxiety levels were through the roof and I had some really disturbing dreams as a result. I wonder if, had I either (a) just carried on not drinking or (b) not have experienced the anxiety, I’d have had a better night’s sleep. Any thoughts?

    Thx in advance,


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