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    Well I have been sober for almost a month (17th of August) and tonight was a big night for me. I went out for a special meal with my partner and managed not to drink even though it was tempting as the restaurant had some amazing wines.

    It was slightly annoying that the wine waiter kept trying to fill my wine glass……. In the end though I sat it to one side and they got the message.

    I don’t mind my partner drinking at all and she even keeps alcohol in our house. Sure it may be tempting fate but I don’t want my problems impacting on her. Of course she has offered not to drink anymore also but hey she ain’t the one with the problem but it’ s nice to know she would.

    So kinda pleased with myself



    So far so good Dave, keep your focus on your recovery.


    Way to go Dave. For those wine glasses, you can turn it over so they know you don’t want any or I just ask them to remove it. It does get frustrating and aggravating when people try to push liquor on me in restaurants but hey, they are just doing their job. I usually will refuse and say I don’t drink and that pretty much ends it.

    Anyway, congrats on a good job. Also, early congrats on your almost month. To me those first few were the hardest so I have nothing but the utmost admiration for those in very early recovery (not to say I don’t respect any recovery – it’s all a miracle!!!)



    2 Day early kudos on staying sober!

    I’ts nice to wake up without the dread of ‘what did I do last night?’

    Glad you found us and welcome to 12 Step National Meetings!



    Welcome and good on you!

    This is a great support site for recovery and I check in regularly in addition to being in AA. I didn’t do very well staying sober on my own. I need the support, understandings and insights of like minded people to keep my focus where it needs to be.

    Hope you stick around!


    Hi Dave….
    Congratulations!! :funjump:


    Thanks Guys :c015:


    way to go, scot – and what kellye said about the wine glass. most all wait staff know that means no thank you. subtle, but effective.


    1 month is a “big deal” because there is no way an
    alcoholic is suppose to stay sober that long much
    less one day….however when we practice the
    principles of recovery set down before us on a
    daily bases then there is a “real” chance we can
    stay sober that day….

    When my family did an intervention on me back in
    Aug. 90 I was sent to rehab (a controlled inviroment)
    for 28 days where i picked up the tools and knowledge of
    recovery to help me stay sober when i returned home.

    While i was in rehab my husband, who is a “normie” who
    has no problems with drinking…..removed all the temptations
    of alcohol that was in our house…..he did that for me
    out of respect…and i very much appreciated that….

    From there on it was my RESPONSIBILITY to work the
    program of AA to the best of my ability….

    And i did…..i took the suggestions others shared with
    me seriously as my life depended on it….I stayed away
    from people places and things that would remind me
    of drinking….

    And i tried to not place myself in situation that would
    make me feel uncomfortable because MY SOBRIETY

    That first yr is a challange, but from what i recall,
    i went to many meetings and I LISTENED and I ABSORBED
    what i heard……taling what i needed that day to stay
    sober and leaving the rest….

    Today some 17 yrs later i still practice the principles
    of recovery in my life as MY LIFE CONTINUES TO DEPENDs
    ON IT.

    My soul purpose in life today is to stay sober and help
    the next recoverying alcoholic stay sober my sharing my
    own experiences, strengths and hopes with them to
    help them achieve sobriety.

    And thats the way it works for me.

    Thanks for letting me share.


    Good job… I’ve almost been there a month myself.. and let me tell you, it’s so wonderful isn’t it? Keep on goin’ .. Green Tea is my choice now.. 🙂


    Good to hear you’re doing so well soberscot!


    Newcomer in the wings loving sobriety


    You do now !!!

    Congrats ! 30 days is huge. It’s not natural for us at first not to drink.

    It gets better, it really does.


    Congrats on a month Scot, as others have said early sobriety is the toughest, but one thing we always need to keep in mind is that alcohol is cunning, baffling, & powerful, the second we relax, when we rest on our laurels of recovery is when alcohol will start singing us the beautiful song again telling us that obviously we do not have a problem and it will treat us nicely like alcohol did in the beginning, of course if we give in is when we discover that is was all as usual a lie.


    That’s really great work Scott.

    I remember those nights. I felt as if I had 12 Step National Meetings on my shoulder wherever I went. We do it as a team. One day at a time.

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