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    I don’t believe in God (Yahew, Allah, Shiva, Buddah et al) and I certainly don’t believe in a higher power. How does the HP thing work anyway? How can you pass your control / future / prayers over to a forum, pack of cards, self help group, teacup or whatever people choose instead of a God?

    I’m perfectly willing to accept that I can’t control how much and how often I drink when I do pick up (I’m glad to say I’m sober at the moment and have been for a little while) but on a night like this Saturday evening (22.27 hrs here in the UK) I have a real issue with not being able to pass responsibility, or ask for help for my sobriety or drinking to a higher power or God or anyone / thing else actually. (I suppose I’m jealous some of you lot can!)

    This isn’t an anti AA thread – please don’t turn it into one. Moreover I am simply wondering how do other athiests handle this issue? I just keep busy by reading or cleaning or studying but I wish it wasn’t such an effort sometimes (yeah it’s been a bad night for some bizarre reason as I’ve been ok for ages with not drinking).

    Please don’t advise me to find a higher power or religion as I think I’ve made it clear I’m an athiest and I’m not going to make up a higher power for the sake of it as that would be pointless and unworkable.

    Answers, advice and conversation willingly awaited.

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