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    i had been sober almost two months
    i had been going to meeting and trying to work the steps
    but my husband (ball and chain) dosent like this, you’d think by his attitude he actually wanted me to drink he dosent like me going to AA,
    saying i dont need to,and why not just, ‘dont drink’ – hey ! i never thought of that! * saracastic snigger*
    i pray to my HP = god, everytime i crave , it dosent work, i still end up getting the sherry,
    why wont god help me? i have always done right, i have never killed , stole or committed adultery, i have only had two boyfriends in my whole life, i’m a good mother, yet i ask god to take my cravings away and they are still there,
    i’m obviously missing something right?
    tho i dont know what, i sometimes wish i’d never had my four children as i have visions of them standing at my grave crying, and i cant bear it

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