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    hey all. my husband is a drug addict and has been on something since he was 9 years old (he is 28, almost 29 now). he has overdosed multiple times, and since we have been married (around 4 months), he has been in icu and recently got to spend his first night in jail (dui, possession of a controlled substance, no insurance, etc). after the incident with the icu, he pleaded and begged me to stay with him and he started seeing a therapist. it obviously didn’t work, because he went to jail a few days ago. he has this thing for narcotics, and he was caught with xanax. both were in his system. the day after he got out of jail, we went to his therapist and had him sent to a psychiatric ward, and that was because the closest rehab center was full. on top of all this, he has supposedly been diagnosed as having bipolar disorder and has the worst mood swings i’ve ever seen.

    the thing is, we have a baby on the way, plus i have 2 kids from a previous relationship. he also has children with other people. i knew he had problems when we got together, but i didn’t think it would turn out this way. we will lose our home (my dad is the house owner) if his arrest record gets out, and he has totally destroyed my trust because he was supposedly “clean” when he got arrested. i don’t know if we should separate for awhile, or what. i don’t know what sort of sentencing he’s going to get for this last stunt and i am worried to death. what should i do?

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