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    Haven’t been around the past week because I was out having a great SOBER time:hyper

    Spent the past week at my cabin with a very good sober friend fishing (I’m a big fly fisherman/outdoorsman)

    This was the first trip in probably 2 yrs that I spent fishing without drinking after a day of fishing. And honestly, it was the best trip I had in years! had a great time and no drinking was involved at all. I don’t like to let myself get too satisfied in my sobriety, but things are really going great lately and I’m very happy where I am at!

    been a bit hesitant about posting a pic of myself here, but I feel involved in the “family” here so …
    Here’s me with a fish and a happy moment from this past week.


    Things are really going good and right now I’m very happy where I am at.

    Nice to be back here, and hope everyone else is doing well.

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