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    I am 38 years old.I have been a alcoholic since i was 15.Through high school i drank and all i wanted to do was fight.I eneterd the milatary in 1993 to run from trouble caused from my fighting.No branch would accept me execpt the Navy.Needless to say i found a interest and became a Navy Seal.While i was in the Teams i was married and had a son.Needless to say i killed that marriage due to drinking and pure hatred towards life.When i got out i came home to Texas and my problems that i ran from were here waiting for me.Problem lies in the fact i could fight much better and drink twice as much.The years have gone by now and alot has happened.Lost another marriage in 1999 and a very sucessful company because of my meaness and druken state.In 2001 I met a woman that is the only love of my life.I have never cared for another this way.Family,friends past girlfriends Etc..She is very sucessful and her and i started a company again.I have lost her and the company in Bankruptsy….I drank my life away!This is my life in a very small Nutshell.IAm i doomed for the remainder of my life????Completely Lost.

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