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    Today is 7 weeks since my son Joseph has had a drug or a cigarette. He sounds and looks so good. He is finally in a good place and able to get some sleep. He put himself through torture with drugs and cigarettes.

    I went down to Florida to visit with him. I have my boy back. He is growing in leaps and bounds, and I know that addiction is sneaky and sly, so I take nothing for granted. I know it can change in a minute. Joseph seems like he’s had enough. He realizes that he has lost everything due to his drug addiction. He went cold turkey off of opiates and cigarettes. He said he will never forget what he went through. Hopefully this will be the end of the road with his drugs, and the last time he has to detox.

    My prayers go out to all other mothers in my position. All of the addicts that think they can’t do it. And to all of the families who suffer right along with the addicted. I pray for you all on a daily basis.

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