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    So, I’m quitting drinking and smoking. I also use cocaine sometimes but I only have the urge to do it when I’m good and drunk so as long as I kick the drinking habit I’ll be killing two birds with one stone. Quitting smoking will also be easier without alcohol because that’s when I want to smoke more than any other time.

    I’m a weekend binge drinker. I don’t drink at home at all I love to go out and hit the bars and hang out with friends and get hammered. My question is, what shall I do when Friday night approaches and my last hangover is forgotten? I have swore I’d quit many Saturday and Sunday mornings when I’m puking my guts out but as soon as the next weekend approaches and my friends start blowing up my cell with texts telling me where everyone is meeting at I’m right back at it.

    The thought of being sober and ending my self destruction is a great thought but I know I’m going to miss hanging out with my boys and letting loose. I also play hockey and the thought of going home after games while I watch my teammates head out to have a good time is going to be rough.

    What advice would you give me? How did some of you who have been in a similar situation cope with this? I love to have a good time but doing so without beer and liquor sounds impossible to me. This is going to be the hardest hurdle for to me to cross.

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