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    I’m sorry, but, I have to ask.
    I found my son using my tooth brush the other day. He stayed over the night before, cuz he had to do some things. Anyway, I was grossed out and PO’d that he would use my tooth brush.
    He has HepC.
    He has been exposed to HIV.
    He’s been given some type of cocktail medication for a week, while in the hospital, that is supposed to help him avoid getting AIDS. He stuck himself with an infected needle, after his best friend died.
    And then, he used my tooth brush…

    I don’t know, but, I assume he has done so in the past.
    He was non-chalant about it. Said he had no choice; he had to brush his teeth!

    Should I be worried?
    Should I call the doc? Wait till my physical early next month? :sweat
    Should I just wring his freakin neck???

    Thanks for any thoughts you might have on this topic….
    I know it’s not easily transfered. But, blood can transmit the virus — either one of them.

    Shalom! :a194:


    Well I think its kinda crappy of him to use your toothbrush even if he was clean as a whistle!!
    i would just wring his neck..just kidding,,,
    I would not worry too much though..but you never know right?? Hep C is more easily transmitted than HIV…I would definitely get checked..but chances are you are going to come through clean!!
    Think positive…things like that freak me out too..I have hep C but I am really careful to not expose anyone else to it..
    love north


    Thanks, North….
    You’re right…it *is* crappy of him to use it, even if he was clean as a whistle. I would NEVER use another person’s toothbrush! :yuck:
    I will talk to the doc when I have my physical. Actually, I see the assistant this week for something else, so, I should just mention it, huh? See what she says?
    It makes me mad, cuz now, I’m thinking, “How many times has he used my tooth brush?” or anything else???? 🙁

    To good, positive thoughts… :e058:



    i know that hiv doesn’t live long on stuff. hep c, i don’t know. definitely worth a trip to the doctor.


    Well, first of all and I am asuming you have already done this. Get a new toothbrush. Because using someone else’s toothbrush family or not is well, pretty much just nasty in my opinion. As a medical professional I would say your chances are slim HOWEVER if it was me. I would get it checked out asap. You never know and it is always better to be safe than sorry!!!!!!!
    I am hoping that you didn’t use the toothbrush after he did. Just keep in mind that some HIV test do not always show up on the first test, you sometimes have to wait up to siz minths and then be retested for accuracy.
    Just my 2 sense, good luck


    Chances of HIV transmission are very very small. In this case there would need to be blood on the toothbrush, and an open wound/ulcer in your mouth. HIV does not live very long in thye open. HIV is not transmitted through saliva. I assume if there wass blood on the toothbrush, you would not have used it.

    I have no idea about HEP C


    dont quote me on this but I dont think you can get HIV or Hep C from someone using your toothbrush I’m 95% sure it has to be transmitted threough sex or the use of a needle or something


    I’d go to a doctor. Better safe than sorry. And then on the way home, I’d stop and buy a few extra brushes to keep in the house.

    You only have to catch a disease once for it to change your life.


    I know you can’t catch any of that stuff from a toothbrush, but I would mention it at your doctor’s appointment. And I’d get a new toothbrush. And just so he had one at your home when he’s there, I’d get him one with Spiderman or something on it, LOL.

    P.S. My girls are little, 6 and 10 and I’d still be grossed out if the used my toothbrush, I’d still be grossed out!!!


    The chances of transmission via a toothbrush are NOT very small.
    I am assuming once you saw him or learned of him using your toothbrush you threw it out.
    My xhb had Hep-c from a blood transfusion he received in the Marine Corps back in the mid 80’s. He was not diagnosed until 1992. I say he HAD hep c because he’s ONE of the lucky 20% of men to be symptom free, but it was a fight.. he went on Interferon in 1992-1993, went virus free (which is normal) for 6 mos later, virus returned and he then went on Intron and Riboviran therapy from 95′-96. He still goes for testing and liver function testing every year and he is still virus free. His doctor is a practicing infectious disease Doctor at the Sammy Davis Liver foundation, he does a lot of speaking and writing about Hep C and I actually went to meetings witht he doctor and him who told us all the ways to avoid transmission and the risks are VERY well documented. I dont’ want to scare you but Hep C is to be taken very very seriously when you are living with an infected person. Razors should be disposable after every use, toothbrushes are a VERY big no no. Gums bleed even if you don’t see them bleed… the list goes on.
    I would suggest you talk to your doctor and even go as far as being tested just to be sure (piece of mind is invaluable) and I would also have the doctor talk to your son about the importance of protecting others from transmission.


    What a horrible, self-centered, immature thing to do. Might “only” be a toothbrush, might “only” carry a slight risk, but I think it’s a very telling act. Me? Blood or no blood (no pun intended), he wouldn’t be using my bathroom anymore, or have a key to my house, or show up unannounced.


    Peace & Love,



    Yea I would go to the doctor. What he did is very inconsiderate to say the least. I say he needs to be closely watched when in your presents. i just wanna beat his tail


    No sharing razors, toothbrushes, drinking from the same glass, the gums in his mouth could be bleeding, this is from my brother hepc booklet, we had a tough time, we were the kinda of family that would share a bottle of water, pepsi, ya kow if you are thirsty, but once we knew of the diagnosis, no more, better safe than sorry, talk to your doctor.



    Thanks all for your insights and information.
    I am seeing the doc’s assistant on the 26th, and will let her know. My physical is on the 5th of November. She will let the doc know and he will decide if I need tests or what have you. He’s a very cautious guy, so, I’m assuming it will be done, after what I’ve learned here.
    Anyone know what the test is like?

    Thanks again for your imput. I will not worry about it till there’s somehting to worry about.



    Hey Teach. Try not to sweat it too much. I’d offer you some 12 step jibber jabber but you’d just laugh at me.

    Easy does it?:smashfrea

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