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    So i had my final court date for a DUI i received in September. My lawyer worked out an excellent plea where i would plead guilty to a violation and a DUI, and the other ten violations and 2 misdemeanors dropped, i was black out and did some really stupid stuff that horrible night.
    Thankfully, I did not get jail time or even probation, but a conditional discharge and the minimum fine. Either way the majority of my bank account has been wiped out and i have to install an interlock device on my car. I can pay for it i have enough left, but i still need and inspection. I have no job, currently no licensee, I am on unemployment but it is not much. Christmas is coming up in a hurry.

    The weight of looming court date is off my shoulders and that feels great, but i am still in pretty deep. i am trying to keep my head up and i know better days will come soon hopefully.

    almost ten weeks sober

    I feel like i am drowning and the surface is right there i just cannot mange to reach it.

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