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    I would like to write here what a fantastic week i have had. And more importently how i my life has moved on since attending my first AA meeting in January.

    My kids have been on their hols with their mom, so i was wondering how these last two weekends were going to pan out. I normally have the kids over the weekend, so in not having them i really could see the temptation to go out for a nights drinking.

    Last weekend i finally achieved a life’s goal of qualifying my scuba diving course. I dived a wonderful site up North, upon qualification i had a grin from ear to ear. It was a fantastic feeling, you see this something i had wanted to do since childhood. In all my years drinking i would always think of this ambition with an envy, as something i would never do.

    Then in the week i came across a fantastic deal for a car. I have driven an old car for many years, sometimes i hate the fact that my kids get embarassed when i drop them off at school. I know kids get embarassed by most things their parents do, but this one does touch a nerve. Now however i have bought a decent car for literally a fraction of it’s true value.

    Then came yesterday. You see one of my ambitions in life is to get a university degree. I dropped out of uni through partying to hard. Now i am a window cleaner, an honest hard working job, but i always felt i could do better. As each year went by i would look at different distance learning options, but my drinking always affected my ability to knuckle down on it. So after a couple months sober i applied to do a degree.

    I have always been interested in law and politics, but though that maybe i should go for an easier option. My decision in the end was that if i achieved this sort of degree i would always wonder what if? So i applied for an llb (law) degree with the University of London on an external distance course. This is the oldest llb in the world. To my surprise i was accepted. I went to my induction day yesterday. I am under no illusion as to how thorough and intense it is going to be. From what i have studied so far i know i am going to enjoy it.

    Then came a big bombshell to me. Historically London and Cambridge have links on their law degrees. So i have an option to study for an intense week at Cambridge in the spring. You cannot believe how good this makes me feel, i really feel that i can become a useful member of society.

    At the age of 38 i really see my life coming together. Tomorrow actually looks good and i am looking forward to it.

    I look back to about 6 years ago. After a night of drink and drugs, i was looking at a way to get into a disused building so that i could jump off the roof. It was only the thought of my kids that stopped me from doing this, i knew they would be devastated.

    When that wall of normality hits us after getting sober, that was the time for me to start rebuilding my life. I would encourage anyone to chase their dreams, you never know they may come true.


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